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Why LDR is better than any other relationship

Posted on by Kat H


In the current era of technology, people would rather reply to you via social media or WhatsApp instead of meeting in person. A couple would tag each other on Instagram and show their love but would procrastinate their dates due to any trivial issue. Hence what we see on the internet is not always right and accurate. Sometimes, when you validate certain aspects of life, then you will find the drawbacks.

Looking at the positive side of relationships in 2020, people dating but through long-distance means are in a good position as they carry the curiosity throughout the day or weeks. When you wait for someone's text or expect a call at the end of the week, it gives you butterflies in the stomach. When you do not talk in the entire day and suddenly receive a text at midnight, it does make your day worthwhile.

There are ample scenarios where you will find a long-distance relationship more exciting and romantic. Let's talk about some real-life incidents of people who came forward and shared their love life with us.
STORY OF A TRUE EVENT: A girl named Sarah went to the UK for college while leaving his boyfriend in Iceland. At first, she felt that this would not work out. Although it was a blessing in disguise as they both came much closer than before. They were not together, but the distance was not an issue any further.
Due to specific reasons, they once fought for something, and Sarah was not able to communicate with her boyfriend for a week, as she had to return to Iceland soon. Suddenly, she received a love letter full of emotions, and the boy poured his inner-most feelings. Besides, a small gift was attached next to the message, which was a necklace with an embedded text, "Distance means so little." The boy did not want to lose Sarah and therefore decided to write a letter instead, irrespective of sending her a message on Social Media or Snapchat, he went the old school way.

The letter was so special to her that she had the urge to go back and give him a tight hug. Eventually, that happened during her semester break. They both became inseparable.

This story is so inspiring that when things get worst, you hope for the best and take a leap of faith while believing in your partner. Now, looking at the couples who meet daily are not transparent to each other. Some couples fail to justify their innocence due to a lack of trust. However, people who are in a long-distance relationship never lose hope and always stand with their partner since the foundation is based on trust and loyalty.

So, those in LDR should feel fortunate enough, as you are getting a chance to learn more about your partner while learning from your mistakes.