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Pandemic Vs. Love – Relationship that survived

Posted on by Kat H

This year has been quite stressful, as many of us are floundering to share our inner-most feelings or moments amidst this pandemic with our loved ones or significant other. Especially, those who have just started their relationship - people who used to get butterflies in the stomach are now finding it difficult to sustain their relationship. We know true love is not about expensive gifts or weekly dates, but it does help to maintain and generate curiosity. Many young fanatic lovers could break the law to meet the love of their life, but that does not define love either.

At times it gets frustrating when you cannot do anything except the fact that you are locked in your abode, which you used to call "House of Freedom." Nevertheless, love has no boundaries, and likewise, you can still be in touch with your dear ones with the help of a video call. To add some spice in your romantic life, you could also gift them something after this lockdown that will work as a memory, and how you both managed to stay together during this pandemic. The best present would be a keychain of love with a particular text like, "I love you more than the miles between us."

This small gesture would surely convey the message that you know how to reciprocate love even when you are apart.

Maybe this pandemic made every relationship a long-distance relationship. Although cherishing this moment would worthwhile. Your girl/boy might argue over silly things, but you cannot hug them to suppress their anger, yet you can learn from it and make your bond more potent than ever. We know how cute fights take place in a Long-Distance Relationship, but that does not mean throwing mistakes over each other. It means saying the most beautiful things to each other. A relationship can teach us many things, and that can be further used to make our lives better. One should always trust the significant other irrespective of how bad a situation gets. We can outgrow hate quickly, but love is something that wins every time, as once a wise man said, "Make Love not War."

We all consider ourselves brainiac, it is better if we prove it by staying in our home and hoping for the best for everyone while staying in touch with our loved ones, or that special one. So, do not forget to buy a gift for your partner, as this lockdown will not last forever. If you are in a long-distance relationship, visit our Jewelry section to discover the best items that will win your partner's heart.