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Long-Distance Relationships

Posted on by Kat H

long distance relationship gift ideas blog post

A famous love quote – “I hate the stars, because I look at the same ones you do, without you.

Long Distance Relationships are quite amongst the hardest and most complex type of relationships to hold with people. While it’s agreeable that almost every relationship is much more hard to maintain than make, the distance between the partners makes long-distance relationships very hard. Partners struggle to go on without feeling the physical comfort of being close to each other. There is a worry for intimacy, sex, trust, and desire. However, with the correct attitude and devotion, long distance relationships can be held strongly. While we believe that every issue faced by a couple is different and can only be resolved by them, we will discuss some love tips that you can take on as relationship goals for the love of your life.

Try your best to stay in touch and contact daily, and perhaps even talk at least a bit daily. The major devil behind long distance relationships not working is the distance and you do not want that thin string of contact breaking of. Try to make random days special and send gifts to your significant other. Valentine's day is a perfect opportunity for the couple's gifts. Make sure that you don’t spend too much time staying away from each other. For example, ideally, you should not spend more than four months away from each other more than. Try to meet up after every four months to have the fire and spice in your relationship, and also the most important, the same love. Also, meeting up after a long time can be good as you can have sex and this will definitely help you by not swaying away from your partner.

Don’t Get discouraged about your relationship if you and your partner have some fights at times. In fact, it has been reported that fighting is a good sign of strong bonding between partners. You are not supposed to be lovey-dovey all the time. Even friends fight. Make sure you tell others and talk with people about your relationship. This will really help with keeping your long-distance relationship not merely over phone but also a real one. There are many who believe long-distance relationship are not the ‘real’ relationships and hence try to keep their relationship and partner in shadow, which isn’t good. Telling others about your significant other can really keep you in a strong bond with your partner which we think you really want! Try your best to give surprises to your partner and never underestimate the surprise from your partner.

Thoughtful surprises are sweet and you should try to keep in mind to keep surprising your significant other once in a while because one of the main reasons of long distance relationships breaking up is due to one partner feeling forgotten or rather ignored. One of the most important points of keeping a long distance relationship is, if a bad visit happens by your partner, it doesn’t mean that your relationship will no longer exist. They can be nervous and tense, just don’t jump to the conclusions about your relationship. Keep sexting playful and rather as a ‘need’ for your relationship.

Long-Distance relationships are a struggle for many but some people can also handle them very well. After all, if you’re doing it for “The One”, everything counts in right? Keep your relationship strong and even after all you have tried things don’t work out, seek a relationship counsellor. But be sure to check out some gift ideas for some gift for her or him!