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Long Distance Relationship Vs. Reality – Be genuine

Posted on by Kat H


The Long-Distance Relationships (LRD) can be cute, as the soulmates stay apart to start staying together eventually. What is essential is to introspect and decide what do you want from your distant relation and how will you manage things in the future plights.
Also, concerning reality, it is paramount to be rational while building the bond with your crush or girlfriend. You can say cute things or make promises that will impress a girl, but in reality, are you able to fulfill those dreams? Question yourself, and you will find answers within. Specific questions tend to revolve when you are not sure about your relationship. Some of them might vary from person to person, but let us discuss them.

First things first, are you sure distance does not matter when love is pure?

If it is yes, then it could be a learning opportunity for both of you. Time is testing your patience while your every endeavor serves the sole motive of making the significant other happy. If this is the case, then you are already on the right path. However, considering the odds, if you are still not sure about your relationship, it is better to ponder why you initiated this bond with the person who is now giving you their undivided attention! Be transparent with your feelings and confront the person as nobody has the right to break someone's heart. 

Secondly, we have to live in reality and face hardships. Do you believe that he/she's the one? 

When two people love each other, they forget about the distance. To live together, you need to learn how to live apart. Don't be in a dilemma, as there is a Chinese saying, "Real gold is not afraid of the test of fire." Be like that, this long-distance might feel like a hurdle, but it will make you even stronger. Once you start feeling each other, and there is understanding, you will withstand anything.

Lastly, be the way you are. Don't let the fake world indulges in your real world.

We often hear the term that communication is the key. So, converse with your partner and try to understand their perspective in every situation. As you cannot be around them, but you can try to know them, and they will open once you start showing interest. 

Make sure that you do not overdo anything; it includes but not limited to:

  • Excessive communication
  • Excessive possessiveness
  • Fear of not seeing them
  • Monthly dates

Most importantly, keep your expectations low and live in reality. This doesn't mean that you cannot plan things, but set some ground rules and propel your relationship accordingly! 

To make your partner realize that you are still into them - go with the old school way. Write love letters, or to make it even better, you could send a traditional love letter via post along with a. This will serve as a memory and message that you will meet them soon.