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How to treat your partner in a long-distance relationship

Posted on by Kat H

Respect is the utmost important part of any relationship; without regard, nobody is going to treat you nicely. It does not mean that you have to fake anything, be genuine with your words and feelings, and always try to show your friendly demeanor, irrespective of the bond you share. When it comes to relationships, especially long-distance relationships, one must treat the significant other with respect and affection—taking an example of the movie Titanic. Rose never loved his partner, even though he was her fiancé since she lived a life that she never wanted. Freedom of speech never existed. On the other hand, Jack was a carefree guy who was not afraid of anything and had nothing to lose. 

But why did Rose fell for Jack? He was not even falling under the category of royal, yet she fell for him. The way Jack treated her was genuine, and his love for her was pious. He never disrespected her and always communicated in the best possible manner. 

Likewise, when you listen carefully and respect what the other has to say, then life becomes more manageable, and you get a grip on every possible problem that you encounter. It is more important to do extraordinary things for your loved one to make them feel special. 

Here is a small list of things that you should and should not do.


  • Be a gentleman, and she will become your queen automatically. 
  • Surprise her/him with your sweet gestures or gifts occasionally. 
  • Respect her/his decision even when you are not sure about the outcomes. Later, you can always communicate and talk about things.
  • Try to bridge the gap between misunderstandings. A wrong thought can ruin everything. 


  • Do not force her/him for anything; you are her partner, not her caretaker. 
  • Do not argue over silly things. If a person is not ready to listen, then be quiet and offer him/her support and try to talk. 
  • Never doubt the ability of your partner. As a partner, you should be a confidence booster and a support machine. 

When your partner is apart, it is your responsibility to make sure they are doing well and that there are no sad feelings. Sending cute texts or making surprise video calls can light someone's mood. Do not let the distance ruin your relation, as one might feel lonely when nobody is around them, but you should trust your partner and stand a pillar for them whenever he/she needs you.
Any relation sustains through respect, love, and loyalty.

You remove any of it, and the bond breaks like it never existed. If you genuinely love your partner, give them a call and let them know that this pandemic is keeping them apart for a while, but eventually, you'll be one.