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How Long-Distance Relationship teaches you the true meaning of Love

Posted on by Kat H

long distance relationship true meaning of love for couples

These days people are floundering to propel their relationship even after staying together; however, some people manage to support their significant other in a long-distance relationship. If you truly love someone, then respect would always be there without any expectations, but merely liking someone and making yourself believe that you love them is an absurd feeling. Many people often consider infatuation as love since they are not sure about their feeling, which leads to break-ups or fights. Whereas, Love is something that cannot be defined or expressed easily; a mother's love is the purest form of love. We do things for our parents because we love them. Likewise, love is tough to find, especially in this world, but fortunate are those who find it. 

Some relationships never define love in the form of Hashtags, coffee dates, or selfies. Such love exists when you are in a long-distance relationship, and you express your love to the significant other selflessly and can comfort them with your voice. 

Indeed, people who are genuinely in love would always stay together no matter what - they will withstand all the obstacles and still be there for their partner while keeping their anger and ego aside. Similarly, here is a short and original story of a girl who fell in love with a guy, and love, at first sight, was something that she started believing in. Mark, who works in an MNC and never gets time to meet his friends, always finds a way to give her girlfriend a call every night before he goes to bed.

On the other hand, a 22 years old sweet girl, Diana, who believes in the adage of "early to bed, and early to rise" now stay up late and wait for his call. Mark and Diana met in a small two-day event that happened in New York; they were volunteers and kept on interacting and became friends. The event was over, but the flower of love was about to blossom in their lives. The girl who never used to listen now stays silent on the call and listen to what his partner did the entire day. 

They both fight, argue, and even scold each other for things that people may find weird, but that's where love steps in. They hardly met for two days, but the bond is so impeccable that they cannot live without talking to each other. Instead of starting an altercation, and showing their egos, they fight to end the deafening conversation to end up hearing the most beautiful words eventually, 'I love you.' 

There are a few days where the apology is genuinely meant, and sorry is always genuine. Mark often surprises Diana by sending gifts like a Necklace with a text on it, saying, "Distance means so little" to her. The gifts are not branded or expensive, as love is priceless. Our lives are pretty much similar, and it's just that we avoid to take care of each other and often forget that just because we have someone with us, it doesn't mean we need to take them for granted. Long Distance Relationships are best as they define compassion with ease, love with trust, and romance with patience and distance.