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How cute fights take place in a long-distance relationship

Posted on by Kat H

couples cute fights


We fight with the people we love the most, and if you ever had been in a relationship, you'll tend to fight with your significant other; not deliberately for sure, but there would be occasions when you will be angry at something or might feel perplexed when things aren't going right. Then those little fights would be so tedious that your mood will change just by talking to your loved one. You'll get the feel to speak to him/her, but you would expect that to happen, only if your partner initiates it. 

Such things get even complex when you are in a long-distance relationship since communication would be the only key to keep your relationship alive, and people who are dating might not get the gist. Still, those who are in a long-distance relationship would understand the true meaning of love, sad feelings, excitement, and whatnot. They often encounter situations where a partner doesn't want to talk or pick calls, and on the other side, the significant other might send gifts to surprise them.
When you are not close to your loved one, you'll feel the need to send gifts to your partner in such a case.

Fighting does not mean not talking to your partner; it means throwing banters at each other to end up saying the most beautiful things or coming to a conclusion that withstands all the negative aspects or feelings. Altercation takes place everywhere, but when it comes to relationships, it means something else. The bond gets stronger, and you learn more about your partner, their likes, and dislikes. You start caring for their emotions while keeping your ego's aside. 

A couple would never say that they fight, as they'll consider it to be a healthy conversation. There is a short story of a couple who were in a long-distance relationship and never had any disruptive arguments; although when they started talking for hours and shared emotional, sensual moments, then there was a time when things went sour for a while. Calls were used as a source to pass teasing remarks. The girl kept on pushing her partner to initiate a conversation, while the guy used to listen and never uttered a word. 
One day when they started talking about things that are bothering them, the call was ended in a manner where they both felt each other's pain.
The next call was so amazing that they never felt like they are apart. Such beautiful conversations are nothing but are exemplary acts of cute fights that lead to giving more strength to the bond. 

So, don't worry if you are in a long-distance relationship and ever encountered a similar situation. One needs to be mature enough to handle the case and keep one thing in mind that the other person should be his/her priority. As they aren't together today, but tomorrow is uncertain, and life has a way of showing what matters. So, it's better to keep your ego aside, and love them and express your feelings to the significant other in a polite manner.