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Are you a Long-Distance Relationship Warrior?

Posted on by Kat H

These days wherever you go, you will see couples taking cute selfies or posing together and keeping their memories in a photograph. The bond seems inseparable, and we tend to think that "we are alone." When reality strikes in the purest of integrity, we find ourselves occupied, and instead of calling it a relationship - we call it a mistake. People who used to crave for such meet-cute are now seeking for freedom. 

Merely getting in a relationship is not everyone's cup of tea. Our sole goal should be to sustain what we start, and not just leave everything once you get tired. If life is full of surprises, then one must embrace the odds of survival. Be the warrior of your love life, and impress your significant other, and reciprocate everything that he/she does for you. Don't get jealous when you see your friends or family are having a good time with their girlfriend/boyfriend. 

All that glitters is not gold - What you see isn't right, if someone is having a great time with their partner, then you must rejoice instead of getting jealous and start looking for your partner on Tinder or Social media. As you do not know what it takes to be in a relationship. A true love warrior would compromise in certain situations, and compromise doesn't mean saying 'yes' to your partner all the time or whatever they say is real, but respecting the time and circumstances while embracing the situation to make your partner happy. Later, you can always confront, and this applies from both sides. 

What does it take to be a love warrior?

Here are certain aspects that can be taken into consideration.

  • Don't dress to impress, but gifting her a dress can undoubtedly impress.
  • You do not need to gift someone a necklace once they tie knots with you. To affirm that you love your partner, gifting her jewelry with some cute sayings like "Distance means so little" would definitely steal the show. 
  • Going on dates while she takes some extra time to get ready, and you are waiting even if it is all about a small coffee shop in the neighborhood. 

Similarly, there are many other aspects that you may relate. So, do not rush unless you are not sure. Ensure that you are a love warrior and would be able to accomplish everything that will keep your relationship poles apart from jeopardy.